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"Relationships can be healed. Trauma and loss can be transformed. What is confusing can be understood. " 

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Dirk A. Kummerle, M.Ed., MA., LMHC, CAP, CNDAI

Saturday, November 11, 2017



  1. Dirk Kummerle: Conversation on leadership with Dr. Barbara Kellerman at Harvard's Kennedy School
    19 Dec, 2017
    Dirk Kummerle: Conversation on leadership with Dr. Barbara Kellerman at Harvard's Kennedy School
    Dr. Kellerman on her new book, leadership, followership, social movements and technology. Taped at Harvard's Kennedy School
  2. Dr. Noam Chomsky
    10 Nov, 2017
    A Conversation with MITs Dr. Noam Chomsky
    This is part of my 2nd interview Dr. Noam Chomsky, 15 years after our first meeting. Chomsky discusses his work in linguistics, his legacy, advice to future leaders, civil unrest in the middle east, as well as technology, and new communication mediums as they pertain to geopolitical and sociological shifts.
  3. Information Processing and Technology
    19 Dec, 2017
    Information Processing and Technology
    Edward Thorndike, a pioneer in learning theory once beliefs Psychology as being the science of the intellect, character and behaviors of animals including man. Considering the technological advancements of the twenty first century, Thorndike might be amazed by the way web architects have applied learning theories in their websites designed for educational purposes. A good example of how learning theory has been applied in technology is the popular kids site PBSKids.org. PBSKids.org is a website
  4. One Brain. Two Minds.
    08 Nov, 2017
    The concept of the 'Rider and the Elephant' is a behavioral psychology mental model that was originally presented by psychologist Jonathan Haidt in his book, The Happiness Hypothesis. Haidt argues that we (humans) have two sides:  An emotional/automatic/irrational side (the elephant) An analytical/controlled/rational side (its rider). According to the model, the rider is rational and can plan According to the model, the rider is rational and can plan ahead, while the elephant is irrational
  5. Is there a link between video gaming and violence?
    07 Nov, 2017
    aming & Violence...
    Mitt Romney, during his presidential campaign, proclaimed, “Pornography and violence poison our music and movies and TV and video games. The Virginia Tech shooter, like the Columbine shooters before him, had drunk from this cesspool”. The argument that violent video games causes kids to become violent has been made for a long time, fueled to some degree by the Columbine High School massacre,  after it was discovered that shooters Dylan Harris and Eric Klebold were avid computer gamers.
  6. Mental Health budget cuts has reached crisis status
    31 Oct, 2017
    State Mental Health Cuts: A National Crisis
    Between 2009 and 2013, states have cut an astounding $4.35 billion in mental health funding. This should not come as a surprise, as social service programs tend to be the first budget items cut during difficult fiscal times. This begs to question if our state and federal legislators understand the importance of mental health treatment, never mind the significance of mental health treatment for adolescents. [Mental health] We are embarking anniversary after anniversary of tragedies such as the
Kummerle Psychotherapy, LLC. Dirk A. Kummerle, M.Ed., MA, LMHC, CAP, CNDAI, C.C.D.T. Certified Trauma & Disaster Response Therapist